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Rector’s word

Word of Pr. Rabah CHERIET, Rector of the university of Algiers 3

In spite of its recent creation, after the reconstruction of the University of Algiers, the University of Algiers 3 is ancient with its faculties and institutes created during the pre-independence period which has known the succession of great scientists in the field of education, known on the international level. Its graduates are at the forefront of different social and economic sectors.

The division of the historical university of Algiers, created a century ago, does not aim to suppress its history but to boost its projects with the best way of management especially that the number of its students has exceeded the record.    

The university has realized the objectives of the society aiming at reinforcing the principles of a sustainable development and prosperity in Algiers in all fields. Our responsibility as teachers –researchers, workers and students is not easy and require considerable efforts within a framework of cooperation and dialogue with the best exploitation of the available resources.

The challenge is not having a concentrated and an advanced consciousness around Algerian universities but working to improve the position of our university at the academic international level.

In this regard, the role of research is highlighted as a key element in making progress and creating knowledge in a world which is known by university’s economy.

The role of the university is not producing competent and qualified executive-officers, in spite of its importance, but to be opened on the economic and social world and contributing in solving its problems and listen to its concerns and contributing in the design of programs  adapted to its needs and aspirations.

We are working to set up a real partnership between our universities, business world and the administration.

Our support is our children, the graduates of this university which are in the different sectors of decision making. These aspiration and optimism are interpreted by the importance and support given by the State supreme authorities which are working to make at the disposal of the sector the necessary means and encouraging workers efforts.  

Word of the rector of the University of Algiers 3, Pr. Rabah CHERIET