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Vice-rectorate of Development, Forecasting and Orientation


The Vice-rector of Development, Forecasting and Orientation is in charge of:

  • Providing necessary elements to elaborate university business plan projects;
  • Carrying out any prospective study on the forecasting progress of university workforce and students and proposing measures to assist them, notably in terms of educational and administrative supervision;
  • Maintaining university statistical file by ensuring its periodic updating;
  • Elaborating any information medium about the degree courses provided by the university and the relevant professional opportunities,
  • Providing students with any information that should assist them to make their orientation choices,
  • Following up construction programs and ensuring the execution of university equipment procurement programs in coordination with the concerned departments.

It is composed of the following departments:

  • The Department of statistic and forecasting
  • The Department of orientation and information
  • The Department of follow up construction and university equipment programs.